Account Management

User management

Access to all resources in Defender is shared across all users in your team. This means that every Relayer or Autotask you have created will also be accessible by any of your team members — there is no concept of user-based ownership.

You can review your team members under the Collaborators section, accessible from the top-right user menu. You can also invite new users to your team from there, as well as remove them. A user can only belong to a single team in Defender (for now).

If you want to add a user to your team, make sure to invite them from the Collaborators section. If they sign up directly to the application, they will be added to a new team of their own instead. If this happens, contact us at and we’ll help.

Two factor authentication (2FA)

We strongly suggest that you enable 2FA to improve your Defender account security. As a second authentication factor, Defender relies on the Time-based One-Time Password standard (TOTP). To enable 2FA on Defender, you need a TOTP compliant application, such as Authy or Google Authenticator. You can enable 2FA under the Account settings section, accessible from the top-right user menu. Defender will guide you through the necessary steps.

Password reset

To change your user password for Defender, follow the steps below.

If you are logged into Defender, sign out by opening the upper right corner menu and clicking on Sign out. You will be redirected to Defender’s splash page. If you are not logged into Defender, skip to the next step.

Signing out from Defender

From Defender’s splash page, click on Sign in. You will be redirected to Defender’s sign in page.

Go to Defender’s sign in page to trigger the password reset workflow

From Defender’s sign in page, click on Forgot your password?.

Click on Forgot your password?

Enter your email address and click on Reset my password. You will shortly receive an email with instructions on how to continue with the password reset process.

Getting your password resetted