OpenZeppelin SDK

The OpenZeppelin SDK is a platform to develop, deploy and operate smart contract projects on Ethereum and every other EVM and eWASM-powered blockchain.

Looking for the documentation for version 2.4 or earlier? You can find it here.


  • Interactive commands: Send transactions, query balances, and interact with your contracts directly from the command line.

  • Upgrade your contracts: You can develop your smart contracts iteratively, speeding up development locally, or squashing bugs in production.

  • Link Ethereum Packages: Use code from contracts already deployed to the blockchain directly on your project, saving gas on deployments and managing your dependencies securely.

  • Build a (d)app: Jumpstart your dapp by unpacking one of our starter kits, pre-configured with OpenZeppelin Contracts, OpenZeppelin SDK, React, and Infura.


If you find a security issue, please contact us at We give rewards for reported issues, according to impact and severity.


The OpenZeppelin SDK was started and is sponsored by the OpenZeppelin team.