Starter Kits is deprecated. We are no longer developing new features nor addressing issues. Read here for more info.

Tutorial Starter Kit

OpenZeppelin provides Tutorial Starter Kit which is useful both for learning smart contract development, and jumpstarting hackathon projects.


Ensure you are in a new and empty directory, and run the unpack command with tutorial to unpack the tutorial starter project:

$ openzeppelin unpack tutorial

Why This Kit?

This Starter Kit will show you how all the components work under the hood. It will guide you through an interactive tutorial so you can learn by changing the code and adding new components.

You will learn the following:

  • How to Fund your Metamask account.

  • How to connect to your Ethereum network: local, testnets and mainnet.

  • How to retrieve your accounts and balance.

  • How to call smart contract functions from the frontend.,

  • How to create a responsive UI based on smart contract updates.

  • How to add new functionality to your smart contracts via upgrades.

  • How to leverage smart contract hot reloading to speed up your local development.