Automatic generation

The graph-compile tool provided as part of the @amxx/graphprotocol-utils package can be used to automatically generate tailor made schema and manifest for your application. Modules implemented as part of OpenZeppelin Subgraphs are compatible with this.

Describe your application

For schema and manifest to be generated, you will have to provide a description of the contract you wish to index.

Here is an example of configuration file that indexed 6 contracts on mainnet:

  "output": "generated/sample.",
  "chain": "mainnet",
  "datasources": [
    { "address": "0xA3B26327482312f70E077aAba62336f7643e41E1", "startBlock": 11633151, "module": [ "erc20",    "accesscontrol" ] },
    { "address": "0xB1C52075b276f87b1834919167312221d50c9D16", "startBlock":  9917641, "module": [ "erc721",   "ownable"       ] },
    { "address": "0x799DAa22654128d0C64d5b79eac9283008158730", "startBlock":  9917642, "module": [ "erc721",   "ownable"       ] },
    { "address": "0xC76A18c78B7e530A165c5683CB1aB134E21938B4", "startBlock":  9917639, "module": [ "erc721",   "ownable"       ] },
    { "address": "0x001d1cd0bcf2e9021056c6fe4428ce15d977cfe0", "startBlock": 11127634, "module": [ "erc1155",  "ownable"       ] },
    { "address": "0x3d85004fa4723de6563909fabbcafee509ee6a52", "startBlock": 12322496, "module": [ "timelock", "accesscontrol" ] }

Each contract is represented as a datasource, with an address, an (optional) start block, and a list of features.

Generate schema and manifest

This configuration file can compiled using the following command

npx graph-compiler \
  --config sample.json \
  --include node_modules/@openzeppelin/subgraphs/src/datasources \
  --export-schema \

Note that in our example, the OpenZeppelin Subgraphs package was installed using NPM, which means the module descriptions are in @openzeppelin/subgraphs/src/datasources. This path must be added using the --include command so the compiler can find them.

This will produce two file, following the output parameter provided in the configuration file:

  • generated/sample.schema.graphql contains a tailor made schema, that contains only the entity requiered by the indexed modules.

  • generated/sample.subgraph.yaml contains the subgraph manifest.

Deploy your subgraph

In order to deploy your subgraph to the hosted service, or to any other graphnode, you will have to create it first. This operation is documented here. Once this is done, you can compile and deploy the produced subgraph using the graph-cli tools:

npx graph-cli codegen generated/sample.subgraph.yaml
npx graph-cli build generated/sample.subgraph.yaml
npx graph-cli deploy                      \
  --ipfs   \
  --node \
  username/subgraphname                   \