Branch/Release: release-polkadot-v1.10.0


This pallet integrates parachain’s own block production mechanism (for example AuRa) into Cumulus parachain system. It allows:

  • to manage the unincluded blocks from the current slot

  • to validate produced block against the relay chain

Configuration and Integration

There is no special config for this integration and it has no dispatchables, but you need to integrate it with other parachain-system crate:

Integrate BlockExecutor

When you invoke the register_validate_block macro, you should provide cumulus_pallet_aura_ext::BlockExecutor to it to allow aura-ext to validate the blocks produced by aura

cumulus_pallet_parachain_system::register_validate_block! {
    Runtime = Runtime,
    BlockExecutor = cumulus_pallet_aura_ext::BlockExecutor::<Runtime, Executive>,

Integrate ConsensusHook

Also you might want to manage the consensus externally and control the segment that is not yet included (its capacity, speed and etc.) aura-ext provides the FixedVelocityConsensusHook that allows to check if we are still in the limits for the slot.

impl cumulus_pallet_parachain_system::Config for Runtime {
    type ConsensusHook = cumulus_pallet_aura_ext::FixedVelocityConsensusHook<