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This directory includes primitives for financial systems. We currently only offer the PaymentSplitter contract, but we want to grow this directory so we welcome ideas.



import "@openzeppelin/contracts/finance/PaymentSplitter.sol";

This contract allows to split Ether payments among a group of accounts. The sender does not need to be aware that the Ether will be split in this way, since it is handled transparently by the contract.

The split can be in equal parts or in any other arbitrary proportion. The way this is specified is by assigning each account to a number of shares. Of all the Ether that this contract receives, each account will then be able to claim an amount proportional to the percentage of total shares they were assigned.

PaymentSplitter follows a pull payment model. This means that payments are not automatically forwarded to the accounts but kept in this contract, and the actual transfer is triggered as a separate step by calling the release function.

constructor(address[] payees, uint256[] shares_) public

Creates an instance of PaymentSplitter where each account in payees is assigned the number of shares at the matching position in the shares array.

All addresses in payees must be non-zero. Both arrays must have the same non-zero length, and there must be no duplicates in payees.

receive() external

The Ether received will be logged with PaymentReceived events. Note that these events are not fully reliable: it’s possible for a contract to receive Ether without triggering this function. This only affects the reliability of the events, and not the actual splitting of Ether.

To learn more about this see the Solidity documentation for fallback functions.

totalShares() → uint256 public

Getter for the total shares held by payees.

totalReleased() → uint256 public

Getter for the total amount of Ether already released.

shares(address account) → uint256 public

Getter for the amount of shares held by an account.

released(address account) → uint256 public

Getter for the amount of Ether already released to a payee.

payee(uint256 index) → address public

Getter for the address of the payee number index.

release(address payable account) public

Triggers a transfer to account of the amount of Ether they are owed, according to their percentage of the total shares and their previous withdrawals.

PayeeAdded(address account, uint256 shares) event

PaymentReleased(address to, uint256 amount) event

PaymentReceived(address from, uint256 amount) event