March 28th, 2024

  • General

    • Update feature lock props on empty screen.

    • Fix billing usage/account usage/contract create endpoints.

    • Add new switcher component for subscription cards.

    • Prevent scheduling metered subscription cancelation on downgrade to builder request.

    • Increase Code report timeout, resources and eliminate retries.

    • Collect billing address in checkout flow.

  • Private Networks

    • Add support for Holesky testnet.

    • Deprecate Base and Arbitrum Goerli network.

March 20th, 2024

  • General

    • Make sure Action condition logs are being displayed for Monitors.

    • Obfuscate secret fields from logger.

    • Automatically collect metered subscription invoice.

    • Fix the selection of branch and commit for Code Inspector manual trigger report modal.

March 12th, 2024

  • General

    • Add support for Professional custom plan and custom overage prices.

    • Open public pricing page for Enterprise plan requests.

    • Deprecate Optimism Goerli.

  • Access Control

    • Allow users to hide address book contracts.

  • Private Networks

    • Prevent removing signing policy from relayer when linked to approval process.

    • Fix relayer redirection to the sidedrawer after creation.

March 5th, 2024

  • General

    • Enable onboarding guide for all Defender 2.0 users.

  • Private Networks

    • Bug fix in private network initialization when using SDK.

  • Audit

    • Fix formatting for audit invite emails.

  • Monitors

    • Update monitor transaction filter property.

    • Bug fix when customizing notification template for monitors.

  • Transaction Proposals

    • Fix timelock gas estimation for proposals.

  • Relayers

    • Bug fix in relayer redirection from Workflows.

February 27th, 2024

  • General

    • Improve logic to hide billing menu option.

    • Prevent account deletion if there is active subscription.

    • Update display of yearly price in subscription confirmation.

    • Enforce deployment quotas to Defender 1.0 users.

    • Fix session reloads after upgrade migration.

    • Bug fix: Update references to scenarios and broken doc links.

    • Bug fix: Prevent user without customerId from accessing settings.

    • Improve empty section upgrade button text.

  • Private Networks

    • Allow private networks to use RPC urls from public networks.

    • Enable zkevm networks.

  • Monitors

    • Count only active monitors for usage and quota.

    • Count only active monitors when reporting MonitorsMaxCount.

February 20th, 2024

  • General

    • Add migration assistant to allow Defender 1.0 users to migrate to Defender 2.0.

    • Rename Incident Response to Workflows.

  • Private Networks

    • Add support to allow Private Networks to use RPC URLs from public networks.

  • Monitors

    • Bug fix in usage quotas for active monitors.

February 8th, 2024

  • General

    • Display upgrade proposals in Defender 2.0.

  • Audit

    • UI fixes with overflow text.

  • Deploy

    • Fail gracefully when deploying to zkSync networks

  • Monitor

    • Enforce monitor quota limits to Defender 1.0 users.

    • UI bug fix in Monitor starter templates.

  • Forked Networks

    • Fix Forked Network guide to point tutorial link correctly.

January 31st, 2024

  • General

    • Disable Polygon zkEVM networks due to a bug in eth_getLogs method on Polygon side.

    • Bug fix in feedback form.

    • Minor UI & security improvements.

January 24th, 2024

  • General

    • Support zkSync Era Sepolia.

    • Bug fix in feedback form.

  • Audit

    • Design improvements for audit report.

  • Relayers

    • Deploy Polygon zkEVM subgraphs.

  • Actions

    • Change autotaskCondition and autotaskTrigger parameters in defender-sdk.

  • Code Inspector

    • Ability to allow users to choose what rules to run on by using adding "include" and "exclude" rules in the defender.config.json file.

January 18th, 2024

  • General

    • Support for Polygon zkEVM Mainnet and Polygon zkEVM Testnet.

  • Relayers

    • Fix Flashbots RPC URL calls when retrieving transaction status.

  • Access Control

    • Add Access Manager banner on top of contracts list and embed Access Manager explorer UI for easier navigation.

  • Actions

    • Upgrade Fireblocks SDK version and its dependencies.

  • Code Inspector

    • Feature to allow users to specify settings and configuration of a repository via a file called "defender.config.json" on the root directory.

January 10th, 2024

  • General

    • Minor bug fixes and security improvements across all components.

  • Authorization

    • Allow team members to re-send an invitation for pending users.

  • Monitor

    • Forta monitors added support for Optimism and Fantom networks.

  • Forked Networks

    • Access to forked networks with read-only permissions.

  • Private Networks

    • Apply restrictions on the usage of specific chain ids.

  • Audit

    • Audit report logo and code block spacing styling improvements.

  • Deploy

    • Fix deployment status when the deploy request fails.

  • Code Inspector

    • Allow users to directly request an audit if there are reports with more than 10 findings.

December 20th, 2023

  • General

    • Fix menu button visibility issue.

    • Add base chain to allowed assets for fireblocks.

    • Fix the order of tabs in the navbar.

  • Audit

    • Add ability to finalize an audit with no auditor comments.

  • Monitor

    • Update Forta Monitor required fields — We have updated the logic to require only a contract or an agent ID instead of requiring both. When using Forta monitor, you can subscribe to an agent without specifying a contract.

    • Added Access Control Monitor template — We have added a new Monitor template that allows you to easily monitor when changes are applied to your access control. For example, when assigning an address to a role.

    • Added Account Activity Monitor template — We have added a new Monitor template that allows you to monitor the activity of an account easily. For example, it will monitor for any transaction where the specified address is involved, both as origin or destination.


    • Added an ABI option for the list contract API endpoint — We have added an option to include a contract’s ABI when using our API or SDK. The flag is set to false by default, but when set to true, the response will include the ABIs of the list of contracts.

December 12th, 2023

  • Auth

    • Bug fixes in reset password flow.

  • Code Inspector

    • Ability to trigger a code inspector report through Defender by specifying the repository and a commit.

  • Relayers

    • Bug fix on gas estimation for relayers in mainnet.

    • Bug fix stuck page when deleting a relayer.

  • Monitors

    • Disable monitor action filters and monitor action notifications for free trial.

  • General

    • Minor bug fix in quotas.

December 7th, 2023

  • Auth

    • Enable access to Defender 2.0 for Defender 1.0 users.

    • Minor bug fixes in quotas and sign ups.

  • Relayers

    • Bug fix in ability in cancelling pending private(flashbot) transactions.

    • Bug fix in updating gas prices across multiple networks.

  • General

    • Add support for Optimism Sepolia.

    • Add support for Base Sepolia.

    • Add support for yearly subscriptions.

    • UI improvements.

December 4th, 2023

  • Monitor

  • General

    • Add support for createCall contracts for scroll mainnet.

    • Bug fixes across all components.

November 30th, 2023

  • Defender 2.0 is now in public beta

    • Defender 2.0 is now in public beta and users can now sign up using this link without the need for an invite/being on the waitlist.

  • Auth

    • Ability to self sign up for defender 2.0 without the need for an invite.

    • Ability to use google auth for signin.

  • Relayers

    • Ability to see error message on relayer withdraw funds page.

    • Ability to delete pending transactions in relayers.

  • Deploy

    • Restricting deploy environment creation to only admins.

    • Minor bug fixes with size limitations & deployment history.

  • Audit

    • Fix readability of audit issues.

  • Code Inspector

    • Modify name in navbar.

  • General

    • Minor backend fixes.

    • Minor UI/UX fixes.

    • Security fixes.

November 27th, 2023

  • Add support for arbitrum sepolia.

  • Deploy & Actions bug fixes.

  • Show stats for code module.

  • Other misc bug fixes.

November 22nd, 2023

  • Add safe tx service url for scroll.

  • Audit pages bug fixes.

  • Patch several security vulnerabilities.

  • Minor bug fixes.

November 14th, 2023

  • Support meld network.

  • Enforced MFA for V1.

  • Markdown support for audit client comments.

  • Optimize address book page.

  • Minor bug fixes.

November 9th, 2023

  • Support for EOA and Safe backend functions and model changes.

  • Support for environment variables in defender-as-code (DaC)

  • Minor bug fixes in code, audit module and address book

  • Fixes several security vulnerabilities in dependencies

  • Pagination feature for transaction proposals

November 7th, 2023

  • Fix approval process deletion in configuration view.

  • Remove check for block explorer keys in deployments.

  • Feature/enable tx send retries on nonce too high.

  • Use system block explorer API keys by default.

  • Add back button on deposit and withdraw.

  • Align contracts v5 changes with upgrade api.

  • Add support for scroll network mainnet.

  • Bugfix/add missing policy to read audit ssm map on user invite.

October 23rd, 2023

  • Add support on boarding to defender audit.

  • Add ability for monitor to look for an ABI in the address rules when not present in contract.

  • Allow selecting an approval process from UI for deploy.

  • Add actionRunId and actionId attributes to action run response.

  • Improve UI/UX for monitor templates.

  • Update code app installation repos when users change them.

  • Add support to split secret entries into multiple encypted chunks.

  • Return hash of correct bytecode in verification result.

October 12th, 2023

  • Add index for monitor to track active forked network monitors

  • Add support for mantle network

  • Add X-Flashbots-Signature header to Flashbots requests

  • Support for scroll network

  • Fix condition for displaying delete pending txs button

  • Reuse contract-inspector newly added generated github links

October 5th, 2023

  • Introduce feature flag for forked networks in backend

  • Fix V1 autotask page

  • Monitors list page stuck rendering massive lists

  • Forked Networks Monitors

  • Improve DX for running v2 user invite scripts

  • UI updates

September 25th, 2023

  • Partial Hedera mainnet support for relayers

  • Codeapp fixes

  • Fix cache policies

  • Load store sequentialy

September 11th, 2023

  • Add gnosisSafeTxService key to celo definition

  • Forgot password improvements

  • Defender-as-Code docs link fix

  • Bunch of UI & email bug fixes and improvements

August 29th, 2023

  • Defender 2.0 improvements across all components.

  • defender-sdk client packages for 2.0 improvements

  • Update optimism goerli block explorer URL.

  • Bug fixes in Audit, Incident Response & Code App.

August 16th, 2023

  • Provide intuitive navigation order for Defender 2.0

  • Revamp sign-in page UX

  • Resolve permissions issues in Incident Response

August 9th, 2023

  • Release Github Code App feature

  • Add support for Linea Mainnet

  • Expose Relayer pausing capabilities in Defender 2.0

August 3rd, 2023

  • Add EIP-1559 support for Bedrock networks (Optimism/Base)

  • Fix Bedrock transaction repricing logic

  • Implement API Key for Forta Monitors

July 27th, 2023

  • Add support for Base Mainnet

  • Expose endpoint to list networks

  • Enable users to skip ABI validation on monitor creation/update

July 19th, 2023

  • Add monitoring recommendations to Audit product

  • Enable export of Platform as Code

July 11th, 2023

  • Build dedicated sign-in page for OpenZeppelin Platform

  • Optimize UX for monitors with multiple contracts

  • Improve browser performance and load times

June 22nd, 2023

  • Support timelocks in Incident Response product

  • Audit UX imnprovements - status designation, severity filter, UI bugs

  • Make signature optional for Gnosis Safe proposals

June 7th, 2023

  • Add support for Linea Goerli

  • Integrate Timelocks in Upgrade approval processes

  • Add summary of Deploy and Access Control activity to Overview page

May 31st, 2023

  • Enable users to unsubscribe from system emails

  • Support Governor in global approval processes

  • Implement additional filter capabilities in Audit

May 15th, 2023

  • Add support for Sepolia testnet

  • Improve numerous UX flows

May 5th, 2023

  • Optimize Auditor/Client fix-review flow in Audit product

  • Enable creation of Deploy environments and expose Upgrade endpoints

  • Support global approval processes in Access Control

  • Show Deployment log details