Modify and assign roles in a role-based access control smart contract

Defender allows you to seamlessly oversee and command contract permissions on a grand scale, with the power to view and control access at a granular level. This tutorial shows how to add a smart contract to see and manage its roles, including assigning and removing roles.


  • OpenZeppelin Defender account. You can sign up to Defender here.

  • Any external wallet (like Metamask) with an EOA that holds funds in Goerli.

1. Add contract

For this tutorial, you will create a contract that implements the role-based Access Control library using this factory deployed to Goerli. Your created contract will automatically assign you the admin role to manage its roles.
  1. Open the Defender Address Book in a web browser.

  2. Fill the form with the following values and click Create:

    • Name: Access Control Factory

    • Network: Goerli

    • Address: 0xeBd906d6b14699574bDe9B3293894af8Fe38A198

    Address Book for factory
  3. Navigate to Transaction Proposals.

  4. Fill the General Information section with the following values:

    • Name: Create Access Control contract

    • Target contract: Access Control Factory

    Transaction Proposal general information
  5. For the Function section, select the create function.

  6. Open the Approval Process section, click the input field and select Create Approval Process.

  7. Fill the approval process form with the following values and click Save Changes:

    • Name: Access Control Admin

    • Type: EOA

    • Address: Your wallet EOA address

  8. Connect your wallet with the EOA address of the approval process created and click Submit Transaction Proposal.

    Transaction Proposal submit proposal
  9. Click on the Create Access Control contract transaction proposal.

  10. Click the top-right button Approve and Execute and confirm the transaction on your wallet.

    Transaction Proposal submit tx
  11. Scroll down and under Execution Result, hover over the first contract to copy its address.

    Transaction Proposal copy address
  12. Navigate to the Defender Address Book, window=_blank] to add your newly created contract.

  13. Fill the form with the following values and click Create:

    • Name: Access Control Contract

    • Network: Goerli

    • Address: Contract address copied from the previous steps

    • ABI: Copy and paste the following

  14. Navigate to the Access Control page.

  15. Observe your newly added contract with the number addresses that hold the admin role.

    Access Control page with contract
  16. Click on the contract card.

2. View and modify roles

In your contract-specific page, you can see the addresses that hold the DEFAULT_ADMIN_ROLE role, which is the EOA address from the approval process you used to deploy the contract. To make a change, click on the role and input the new address (or remove one address if you want to remove it from the role). Follow these steps to add a new address to the DEFAULT_ADMIN_ROLE:

  1. Click on the DEFAULT_ADMIN_ROLE role.

  2. Select any address from the dropdown menu or add a new one.

  3. Scroll down and click on Select an Approval Process.

  4. Select your Access Control Admin approval process.

  5. Check that your wallet is connected with the right EOA address. If not, click on the button below the field to connect your wallet.

  6. Click on Save Changes and confirm the transaction on your wallet.

  7. Wait for the transaction to get executed and check that the new address holds the DEFAULT_ADMIN_ROLE role.

    Access Control page of contract add role

For ownable contracts, you can only make changes to the Owner role using an approval process that matches the current owner’s address. When using a multisig as approval process, you will see the pending proposals on the right side of the page.

The page sync every minute, and updates when modifying a role.

Next steps

Congratulations! You can import other contracts and modify their roles.

After configuring Access Control, we recommend seting up Workflows. Learn how to use Workflows with its tutorial here.