Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

OpenZeppelin Defender is the evolution of Defender, with an improved user experience, a cleaner interface, and new features that offer a more cohesive experience across the DevSecOps lifecycle.

Does Defender support the same features available in Defender legacy?

Yes, most features are available in Defender. Please note the following changes described here.

How can I sign up to Defender?

You can sign up to Defender here.

Is Defender legacy still supported?

Defender legacy is now deprecated in favor of Defender. On June 1st 2024, users will no longer have access to Defender 1.0 UI and API. Users that haven’t migrated will be forced to migrate. Learn how to migrate here.

Once I migrate to Defender, can I continue using Defender legacy?

No, once you migrate to Defender, you will no longer have access to Defender 1.0 UI and API.

Will I be able to import my existing Defender configuration to Defender?

Yes. All existing configurations for Autotask, Sentinels, etc., is automatically imported to Defender under the new features naming convention (described here).

Are there any breaking changes when migrating?

Yes, there are multiple changes to the API endpoints that will require you to update your integrations. You can find the API docs here.

What are the pricing options for Defender?

You can find the pricing for Defender here.

Does Defender offer support?

We offer a Service Level and Support Agreement (SLA) for paid subscriptions. Learn more here.

How can I get an upgrade my tenant account?

You can use the billing page to upgrade your tenant account to a higher tier here.

Where can I see my tier quota usage?

You can see your tier quota usage in the billing page here.