Defender 2.0

OpenZeppelin Defender 2.0 is a mission-critical developer security platform to code, audit, deploy, monitor, and operate blockchain applications with confidence.

Integrating directly into the developer workflow, Defender 2.0 makes it easy and fast for developers and operators to prevent and fix security issues pre and post-deployment.

Available networks

Defender 2.0 works with most mainnet and testnet networks, as well as local mainnet forks.

If there is any other network or layer-2 solution you would like to use from Defender 2.0, please reach out to us via the form on Defender!


Integrations throughout Defender 2.0 allow users to connect with other services and tools. Find the list of integrations and more information here.


As a Defender 2.0 user, your feedback is important! Please provide us feedback by accesing the form on the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Feedback form button bottom-right corner