Defender 2.0 seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and workflows, so you can easily secure your project throughout the secure development lifecycle.

SDK Plugins

  • Hardhat: Code, deploy and upgrade your Hardhat projects through Defender 2.0.

  • Foundry: Code your Foundry projects with support of Defender 2.0.


Continuous Integration

  • GitHub: Install the Code App to maximize security in every project PR.

  • Defender as Code (DaC): Serverless Framework plugin for automated resource management.

Key Management & Transaction Execution

  • Safe: Use Safe multisigs to approve Defender 2.0 operations.

  • Fireblocks: Use Fireblocks assets to approve Defender 2.0 operations.

  • Flashbots: Send private transactions to prevent MEV and other attack vectors.

Notification & Logging

  • Datadog: Push notifications and logs to your Datadog system.

  • PagerDuty: Configure PagerDuty to receive notifications and trigger operations.

  • Opsgenie: Configure Opsgenie to receive notifications for their alert management services.

  • Slack: Configure Slack channels to receive notifications.

  • Telegram: Configure Telegram bots to receive notifications.

  • Discord: Configure Discord channels to receive notifications.

  • Webhooks: Configure any Webhook to manage any type of alert with complete flexibility.

  • Email: Receive alerts via any Email.

Threat Detection & Transaction Data

  • Forta: Detect smart contract threats and anomalies in real time using machine learning.

  • Etherscan: Visualize transactions from Defender 2.0 using Etherscan-based explorers.

  • Blockscout: Visualize transactions from Defender 2.0 using Blockscout-based explorers.

Source Code

  • Github: Install our Code Github application to scan your project with every pull request to identify potential vulnerabilities and suggest improvements to enhance your code quality.

If there is any other integration you would like, please reach out to us via the form on Defender!