OpenZeppelin Defender provides a security operations (SecOps) platform for Ethereum with built-in best practices. Development teams implement Defender to ship faster and minimize security risks.

Defender 1.0 is now deprecated in favor of Defender 2.0. Learn how to migrate here! On June 1st 2024, you will no longer have access to Defender 1.0 UI and API.

Get started

Defender is free! Just head over to, hit Sign In, and choose to create a new account. After verifying your email address, you will be redirected to your own Defender account. See below for how to invite more users to your team!


Available networks

All Defender components, where applicable, provide support for the following chains and networks:

If there is any other network or layer-2 solution you would like to use from Defender, please reach out to us!


As a Defender user, your feedback is important! We are committed to making Defender a product that will help you in the secure management of your project, and we cannot do that without your input. Feel free to reach out with questions, feature requests, or issues, either via the Community Forum, Telegram, or at [email protected]. To inquire about enterprise use, click on the link here.